Bloom In Us

(While on a visit to Santa Rosa.)

Spirit of Life, you who rise greening in our hearts
as well as in the uncurling fern,
now is the time of rain and more rain.

The hills are green and lush
and new lambs and kids
are kicking up their heels
in the pastures.
Rivers rise higher and higher
and fruit trees begin to blossom.

What in us is kicking up its heels
frisky and ready to break out?
What in us is rising high,
about to overflow the banks?
What in us is bursting forth
opening in a cascade of blossom?

Spirit of Life, you rise up in us
and make us long for truth
and wholeness and peace.

Bloom in us, overflow from us,
run rampant in the world from our hearts
that we might bring healing
wherever there is suffering,

so all beings may know loving kindness
and all beings may be well
and all beings may be whole.

Blessed be.