Deepening Cold and Frantic Motion

Spirit of Life, Source and Sustainer of all,

The water of lakes now begins to freeze
around the edges.
Snow showers fall in great veils
between sky and horizon.
Snowflakes swirl madly,
tossed in currents of freezing air.
People rush from place to place
in a frenzy of holiday preparations.

In this time of deepening cold and frantic motion,
let us take a moment now and then to be still.
Let us find our calm center.
Let us take a breath, into our belly,
and let it out.
And another, in, and out.
And one more, in, and out.

As we find that calm center
let us become aware of our hearts,
these hearts that can feel so much:
love, joy, sorrow, pain, anger, fear. Love.

May our hearts be warmed
by each other’s presence.
May our hearts be strengthened
by this good company.
May love abound here,
and may we share this abundance of love
with all whom we meet.

Spirit of life and of love,
we thank you for our lives.

Blessed be.