Help It Grow

Maybe this is how it works:

Maybe goodness grows in increments so small
that you can’t see it happening
close up.

Like when you are the child’s mother
and every day, to you,
they look basically the same
but then a month goes by
and they have grown a whole inch

Or like the flowers that bloom
imperceptibly, it seems,
but in fast motion
bursting open like fireworks.

And the mushrooms on the forest floor
which you simply do not see
until they appear with caps of soil
and leaves

Then the child is suddenly no longer a baby
and the flowers are huge and bright
and the mushrooms are standing up
and there are a whole lot of new women in office.

Two weeks ago all the news was bad
and most of it still is
but this week
there was also some good.

It is said
that what you pay attention to

Let us pay attention to this goodness
and help it grow.