It has been said
that when Jesus was born
God became flesh
and dwelt among us…

but God is always present here.

The mystery of incarnation
is not that it happened once
but that it happens in every moment,
a continual process
of which all beings are part.

If you don’t believe me,
look at the black-haired baby
crawling on the floor
in her little red tutu:
she beams when she reaches
someone she loves
and stands with a mighty effort.

Behold the young girl
who has gathered hundreds of blankets
to give to those with no shelter.

Watch the expressions
on the faces of the children
as they pass the light
from candle to candle.
Watch the faces of the wrinkly elders
as they watch the lovely children.

And when you go out
into the dark cold night
and you hear Owl calling
or see Coyote slip by
in the moonlight
shining on the trees

you will know
that God is always present here.