Meditation on Dying

(To be read by a leader to a group, with a time for journaling and discussion afterward.  May also be read by one individual to another, with slight adaptation. This is most effective when read with a few notes of guitar or harp music in each place marked with (M).  The person(s) receiving the meditation should be able to lie down comfortably with pillows on the floor, or lie all the way back in a reclining chair or bed.)


Lie back.

It’s time.

You know it’s time.

Your body is so tired.

Let it relax.

Completely relax.


Feel yourself begin to float.

Feel yourself begin to deepen.

Gently, slowly, let your awareness expand in all directions.


See your body in the center.

Thank your body, with tenderness.

Let it go.


Continue to expand,

floating and deepening.


Become aware that you are bathed in love.

This love is a consciousness, a radiance

so vast,

that it is everything.


It cradles you.

It welcomes you.

You are a precious gift, returning home.


Feel yourself dissolve into this love,

becoming one with it.

Infinite consciousness,

infinite love.


Now, when you are ready, I invite you to slowly return to your body:

to this room,

to these beloved companions.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

Behold the beauty of this world.

Behold the beauty in the faces around you.

Look into one another’s eyes.

See their light.

See how all of you shine.

Blessed be.


Reflection questions:

What was this experience like for you?  What did you discover?  Journal about your experience for a few minutes.  Then talk about it with the other members of the group.