Our Ordinary Natures

That there is such a being as a porcupine.

That there are creatures like iguanas
and sea jellies and parrotfish
and flamingos and ibises
and newts and toads and naked mole rats.

That there are creatures so beautiful
they make us weep
and creatures so ugly
they make us laugh.

That a certain bird in the tropical jungle
collects only shiny blue things
with which to impress
prospective mates.

That when one human toddler
sees another drop its binky
and begin to cry
the first comes over
and picks up the binky
and offers comfort.

I want to sing Gloria! in every moment
because the world is so full of wonders
but really
this is just the way things are
on the most ordinary day.

It takes effort to cause harm.
Let’s not make so much effort.
Let’s just fall back on our ordinary natures
and offer love when someone is sad.

Let’s just be amazed
and grateful
and joyful.