Family Photos

Our favorite family activity: hiking wherever we are.
(Ben, Melaine, Steve and Leisa)


Ben, Melaine, and Jessica then


Melaine, Jessica, and Ben now


When Shane was new I brought some baby pictures of
Jess to show her:  he looked exactly like her.


Reading to baby Shane


Baby Skylar with Kass (sister), Leisa,
Nancy (our mom), Jessica (sister and Skylar’s mom)


My two favorite tiny people came to my birthday lunch!


Groucho and the babies


Dancing with my boy at my nephew’s wedding:
it’s hard to crop photos of the two of us.


Road trip to Colorado!


My girl and me in soft focus


If you make them kitty pancakes they will come…


Sky ‘n’ me thinkin’ of hittin’ Hollywood


Sierra Buttes hike:  it’s windy at 10,000 feet!


My sisters and me:  Jessica, Leisa, Kass


Reading to Sky.


A visit from some granddaughters and their mom:
Megan, Alyssa, Tara, Steve, Leisa


A cold and windy day on California’s North Coast.  Look how big the kids are now!
I’m in the middle, in teal.

Our gorgeous girls Raven and Star.  Raven was coal-black as
a puppy, and has turned a beautiful silvery gray.  Star was a runt
and grew to be huge!  Raven is serious, sensitive, and
eager to please, and Star is a total clown.

It’s a two-dog stick…my branch manager and assistant branch

Such a happy couple!