Testimonials and References

Here are testimonials from the following different groups of people: 

Minister at UU Community of the Mountains
Rev. Kevin Tarsa

Ministers at First Unitarian Church of Portland:
Rev. Tom Disrud, Associate Minister and Internship Supervisor,
Rev. Kate Lore,  FormerSocial Justice Minister

Staff with whom I have collaborated and/or whom I have supervised:
Ginger Fisher (aka Virginia Young) RE Director, NVUU
Mae Vader, Former Administrative Assistant, NVUU
Sarah Montgomery Former RE Director, UUCGT
Nancy Flanagan Former Music Director, UUCGT, now retired
Cathy Cartwright Former Director of Children’s Programming at FUCP, now retired
Katie Radditz Former Director of Adult Programming at FUCP, now retired.

Kate Brady, former NVUU Board President and member of Search Committee that hired me.
Shawna Bynum , Chair of Search Committee that hired me and member of Committee on Ministry, NVUU
Cal Boulter , Member of the Interim Minister Search Committee Member that hired me, UUCGT
Joan Sheard, former Board Member, UUCGT
Mary Lee Orr , RE Committe Member, UUCGT
Max OldBear, former Board President, UUCGT
Jan Holibaugh, Membership Committee Chair and OWL teacher, FUCP
Jean Omelchuck, Intern Committee Chair, FUCP 

Seminary Professor and Mentor
Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker President Emerita, Starr King School for the Ministry.


You may contact any of the above people, but for a shorter list, here are a few suggested references and their contact info:


Kate Brady (kbradyca@earthlink.net,925-382-5475),  former NVUU Board President and member of Search Committee that hired me.

Emily Mitchell (emily@ndgworks.com, 231-392-1354), Member of Search Committee that hired me at UUCGT, as well as Transition Team.


Katie Radditz (kradditz@hotmail.com,  503-863-7732), former Director of Adult Programming at FUUCP, now retired.

Colleagues and Mentors:

Rev. Tom Disrud (tdisrud@firstunitarianportland.org, 503-228-6389) my internship supervisor at FUCP, can speak about the overall quality of my ministry to a very large congregation, as well as how I function as part of a ministry team.

Rev. Darrick Jackson (jackson@uuma.org, 617-953-6502), Director of Ministries for Lifelong Learning of UUMA, can speak about my commitment to dismantling oppression in our UU institutions, and how this has manifested in my leadership within the UUMA, particularly in my roles on the UUMA Committee on Ethics, my service on the UUMA’s CENTER committee, and last year as Institute Worship Coordinator.  He can speak also about what it’s like to work with me in creating a multi-platform, multimedia worship service.

Rev. Anita Farber-Robertson (revanitafr@hotmail.com, 617-257-5854), former mentor and fellow member of the UUMA’s Committee on Ethics,  can speak about my commitment to the work of dismantling oppression in the UUMA and UUA, as well as the quality of my work as part of a team of professional ministers.