What Winter Requires

Spirit of Life,
Great force of love that moves through all beings:

True winter has at last descended.
Its deep cold and scouring winds
purify our hearts
as they pare away all that is not essential.

Winter requires of us that we move slowly
and pay attention.

In the woods the profound silence
lets us feel our breath
the beating of our heart
whether our belly is full or empty
whether our body is warm or cold
whether we love or do not love.

Only the essentials.

Winter also teaches us about beauty and power.

In the deep cold we can see each single snowflake,
heaped with others.
Each is different from all the rest, and beautiful–
and yet how beautiful they are together,
and how powerful.

Let us keep these gifts close to our hearts:
Deep awareness of what is essential.
Deep knowing of the beauty of each
and the beauty and power of all.

Blessed be.