Spring Prayer

Spirit of Life,
You who rise greening in our hearts
as well as in the blade of grass:

Now is the time of budding and of blossoming,
of blue skies and scudding white clouds,
of streams flashing silver
in the washed-clean light.
It is the time of renewal.
And so much in this world needs renewal.
Needs healing.  Needs our tender care.

What dull or frail places
in our own minds and hearts
need renewing?
What tender shoots need special care?
What is just about to blossom?

Spirit of Life,
may we be open to your greening force.
May we be channels of healing love,
so that when we look upon
the beauty and the brokenness
of this scarred and abundant world,
we may serve you
in all we think,
all we say,
and all we do
and all the days of our lives.

Blessed be.