Something Different

Spirit of Life,
Source of resilience, strength, and renewal:
we need you here now.

You are always here, yes, we know,
but we are especially tired now
and we may need a little help
to feel Your presence.

Sometimes it feels like it is all too much.
We are THROUGH, we say,
because we can imagine
something different.

We can imagine a world
in which it is highly unusual
and considered pathological
for a man to rape a woman.

We can imagine a world
in which our dear friend
lives a full life into her 90’s
never even making the acquaintance of cancer
let alone having it appropriate her brain.

We can imagine a world
in which the sweet boys next door
build gardens and make music
instead of playing war games in combat gear.

We want this world so badly it hurts
and we know we are the ones who must build it
but we are tired.

We are the women
who have been raped
and we are the ones
who have cancer
and we are parenting the boys
who want to play war games.

We are taking care of all of everything already
so where is the time to build this
marvelous new world?

Spirit of Life,
in this time of struggle,
help us remember that
Your love holds us always
and never lets us go.

If what we need is to rest,
help us rest.
If what we need is to move,
help us move.

Rise up in our hearts
so fierce and so strong
that we know just what to do next
and we do it.

Blessed be.