Cottonwood Seeds

Spirit of Life, Source of our delight:

Now is the time in the high mountains
when cottonwood trees
send out their seeds.

Little bits of white fluff
floating in a steady stream,
rising together:
eventually they will arrive

They are borne along by the air to some new place,
where they will take root
and grow into something beautiful.

How lovely to float like that.
How lovely to float steadily along
in the company of others,
moving together,
toward a place of transformation and new growth.

Spirit of Life,
when we feel dragged down by our sorrows
when we feel heavy with the weight of our concerns
may we remember the cottonwood seeds.

May we too float
knowing we are together
knowing we will land safely
knowing we will grow into something beautiful.

Blessed be.

The Greatest Mystery We Know

For Marcia

Spirit of Life, Breath of our Breath:

Now is the time when new cottonwood leaves
tremble in the breeze,
ferns and lilies decorate the forests,
and lush peonies and roses
fill the air with sweet fragrance.

How can it be that this riot of green,
these extravagant petals,
will fade and fall,
scattered on the wind?

How can it be that one moment,
a loved one breathes,
and the next they do not?

And how can it be
that the molecules of all the departed
are then gathered into new life?

This is the mystery.
This is the greatest mystery we know.
May our whole beings be filled with awe
at the mystery of life.

Blessed be.