Snow Blankets All

Spirit of Life, source of all love:

Now is the season when snow begins to fall.
White flakes drift down like feathers,
covering everything in a soft blanket.
Then it melts away again,
leaving us awash in beauty.

In the past weeks we have witnessed
unspeakable tragedy.
In this week the national election
has set the course of our beloved country
for the next four years.
Some of us feel rage and fear;
Others feel hope and peace.

At the same time as all of this,
babies are being born,
squirrels are hiding acorns, and
trees are going dormant,
that they may live again in spring.

These are times when sorrow fills us,
when beauty amazes us,
when fear paralyzes us,
when joy bursts out in us.

May we know that
whatever we are experiencing now
is all right.
All of our feelings—
all of our complicated, messy feelings,
are all right.

May we know that just as snow blankets everything
equally when it falls,
so are we blanketed by love.
May we be left awash in its beauty.

Blessed be.