Be Like The River

Spirit of Life, source of all love,
this is my prayer today:

It is high summer and the air is hot and still
dry leaves crackle overhead
and cicadas buzz in my ears.
Fires rage out of control in the mountains
and cruelty rages out of control in the nation.
I weep with anger and with sorrow.

In times such as these
let me go down to the river.
The water is a blessing
so cool and clear,
so delicious on my skin,
I can let go of all I carry
and let the water hold me
and soothe me
and wash away my tears.

The river slides over rocks,
sculpting them as it goes:
all in its path is made more beautiful.
If the rocks stand in its way
it finds another way
under or over or around or through:
it will not be stopped.

The river will not be stopped.

Spirit of Life,
Help me be like the river.
Help me be a blessing
that soothes away pain
Help me be a coolness and a clarity
that dissolve cruelty and hatred.
Help me join with others
to become unstoppable.

Help our love change
all whom we touch.

Help us be like the river.

Amen.  Blessed be.

Such Beauty and Such Peace

Spirit of Life, Source of all love,
you who body forth as our starry universe
and this shimmering, blue-green planet:

It is late spring and the delicious heat
begins to steal in—
each day is warmer than the last
and the sunlight is a balm
to our rain-soaked hearts.

The air is redolent of the scents of
pine and oak and incense cedar
and we cannot breathe deeply enough
to capture the exquisite fragrance.

There will come a time when all we want
is to get into the shade
or the cool clear water of the river
to escape the burning sun,
but for now let us watch
the tall stems of grass
swaying gently in the breeze
and the daisies and the scarlet flax
dipping their lovely heads,
and pray fiercely for the day—
and commit ourselves to bringing it—
when all beings get to enjoy
such beauty and such peace.

Blessed be.