Memorial Day Prayer

Spirit of Life,
Source and Sustainer of All:

Now is the growing time.
Life burgeons in a riot of color everywhere we look.

Help us know you
as that force that arranges stardust
into patterns and shapes more astounding
than anything we could ever dream:
green maple leaves, purple lilacs, singing wrens,
clear waters, laughing babies of every color.

Help us remember how holy is your work,
how precious each life.

Help us remember:
it is on behalf of these lives
that we must resist hatred and greed and cruelty
for we are all interconnected
in one vast and living whole.

May we know that
it is possible to resist without violence.

And at the same time,
may we be thankful
that when violence and cruelty do come,
there are those who are willing
to give their lives
to try and stop it.

May we never take their sacrifices lightly.
May we always remember them.

Blessed be.

Far From any Battlefields

O Light of Life, Light of Love,
You who shine from every heart here:

In this lovely blue and green and gold place
on the flanks of the mountains
and on the banks of the rivers,
we are far from any battlefields.
It can be hard to believe in the reality of war.

But war is all too real.
And even here,
mothers and fathers and sisters
and brothers and friends and lovers
are mourning beloveds who were soldiers.

May we honor the dead
by remembering:
it is possible to live in peace.

May we transform possibility
into reality.

Blessed be.