Ravished by the World

If you ever get sick and tired of the world,
remember that you are dying.
(We all are.)

Imagine you will die tomorrow.
Look around you now.
What do you see?
Miracles, everywhere.

The bark on the oak tree,
for instance,
is completely different
from the bark on the cedar
which in turn
could not be more different
than that on the pine.

Shaggy shingles overlapping,
dark and craggy braided rivers,
puzzle pieces interlocking:
how do such wonders happen?

And the seeds!  The seeds!
Acorns wearing miniature berets,
tiny split shells twirling down from the sky,
cones that need fire to open all the way.

Just one tree is miracle enough to contemplate
for a thousand years:

the movement of water into roots
the movement of sap up the trunk
the conversion of sunlight into sugar
the movement of sugar back to the roots

I am ravished by the world
and must ration myself to one miracle per day
otherwise I would do nothing
but stand outside, mouth open,
staring up into the trees.

Remembering we are dying
is a wonderful way to live.