These Clouds, That Color

Spirit of Life, Source of all love,
You who rise in our hearts
as the impulse toward equality and justice:

In the winter here, clouds and fog
often obscure the long range view.
When we are inside the gray mist
it seems to go on forever:
we cannot see out.

But if we keep going—
if we keep rolling our wheels along
or putting one foot in front of the other—

we reach the edge.

We arrive at a point above the fog
or at the end of the cloud
and we marvel:

Look at how sharply defined
that edge is!
Look how much more we can see now!
That cloud seemed like our whole world,
but it was only a small part,
and now the way shines clear.
Look at all the glorious color!

Spirit of Life, you who rise up in us
as the impulse toward equality and justice:

Help us keep going through these clouds;
guide us through the gray mist to its edge
where the path to healing shines
in clear and glorious color
and we can roll there
and walk there

Blessed be.