New Year’s Resolution

As the old year departs and the new comes in
we are in the habit of taking stock
of where we are
relative to where we want to be.

All of us, apparently,
should aspire to be thin
and famous
and rich.

If we have fallen down in these goals
(eaten too much ice cream,
failed to present ourselves properly on YouTube,
failed to invent the thing that will sell in the billions)
we must declare that this is the year
we will keep our New Year’s resolutions.

We must commit ourselves
to the discipline it takes
to make it so.

Alas, I have eaten too much ice cream,
I have little interest in YouTube,
and I haven’t invented anything.

But instead of thin, I am healthy.
Instead of famous, I am loved.
Instead of riches, I have enough.

And this is what I wish
for everyone,
every year:

That all be healthy.
That all be loved.
That all have enough.

I resolve to commit myself
to the discipline* it takes
for the time it takes
to make it so.

(*Join with others,
divide work into manageable tasks,
ask for help when I need it,
and do my part.)