Thank You

Yes yes we know all about the news but have you seen the way the tall grass is spangled with fallen cherry blossoms? And how the new oak leaves glow translucent pale green against the achingly blue sky? The Ceonothus is exploding with blooms that verily define the color purple, so vivid are they against the glossy dark green leaves, and fat furry bumblebees striped in yellow and black hover busily among the tiny pistils and stamens. Redbuds stretch out limbs clothed in glorious deep pink, wildflowers bloom on hillsides and creek banks, and newts find each other in the cold clear waters. Birds sing Gloria! in the morning and frogs sing of love at night.

Tomorrow we will take up our work again. Today all we are doing is singing praise songs. Today all we are doing is saying Thank You.

Small Things

I praise you, O Mother-Father Gaia,
in all your small things

In your uncurling miniature ferns
In your coin-sized frogs
In your water insects with oars that speed them
to the bottoms of the pools

I praise your ruby-throated hummingbird
and your snail the size of a grain of wheat
I praise the ants that clear out their burrows
within hours of the rain
I praise the emerald raindrops
caught in feathery moss

I praise your jeweled spiderweb
and its striped weaver
I praise the blue moths
decorating the air

I praise these two small hands
You have given me,
and these feet:

I will use them to serve you
and praise you
forever and ever


Our Shared Life

Spirit of Life,
Great ocean of compassion
in which we live and move and have our being:

Here is a truth we know well:
there is suffering in life.
When we encounter suffering,
our own or that of others,
may we gather together
to bring one another comfort.
May we speak of our pain together
so none of us is alone.
May we learn from what we share.
May we make meaning from it.

And here is another truth we know well:
there is great beauty in life.
There is great joy.
When our cup is filled to the brim
with beauty and joy,
may we gather together in celebration.
May we sing songs of wonder and praise.
May we be thankful for our shared life.

Blessed be.