Prayer at Summer’s End

Great spirit of life,
mystery beyond mystery:

The wheel of the year is turning
and the days begin to grow noticeably shorter.
The great waters begin to cool
and waves stir in the wind.
It is the end of one season of life
and the beginning of another.

What experiences did we store up
in our hearts this summer?
What new things did we learn?
What joys will we keep with us
as the earth moves in its orbit around the sun
and the days grow shorter still?

What flowers did we see?
What fruits did we taste?
Whose beloved faces did we kiss,
whose arms did we enter?

If there were many,
may we be thankful
for the abundance of our lives.

If there were none,
may we know that here, in this place,
love and joy abound.
May we have the courage to partake of them.

Blessed be.