Unitarian Universalism

What on earth is Unitarian Universalism?

Well, have you ever thought, “If only there were a religion…

…with no dogma and no doctrine, in which people are encouraged to seek their own deep truths, in community with others doing the same?”

…that honors the inherent worth and dignity of every person?”

…that finds truth and beauty in all the world’s religions?”

…that understands all life is interdependent?”

…that celebrates the beauty of life in this world now, while doing everything possible to heal its brokenness?”

Unitarian Universalism is that religion.

What holds us together is not a creed, but rather a covenant—a promise—that we will walk together, supporting each other on our shared spiritual journey.  We honor the inherent worth and dignity of every person.  We understand ourselves as interdependent with all other life.  For us, salvation means what the word itself actually means:  healing.  Because all life is interdependent, salvation is not private, but collective.  Our concept of collective salvation drives our work for justice.  As our young adults say, we are “spiritually alive, radically inclusive, and justice-centered!”  We are the Love people.

I invite you to take a look at the following pages and links to learn more.  At the Unitarian Universalist Association website you can search for a nearby congregation.  If there is none near you, I encourage you to explore the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF), which is our online congregation and the largest congregation we have. Quest for Meaning is an online publication of the CLF and a great place to explore Unitarian Universalism.

You can also find sermons about Unitarian Universalism here.