When Someone We Love Is Seriously Ill

Spirit of Life,
Great Immensity of Love
in which we live and move and have our being:

When someone we love is seriously ill,
sometimes we feel like we have to suffer
as much as possible
in order to make them well,
and it would be wrong
to laugh.

Other times we feel we must always stay positive
in order for the treatment to work.

Sometimes we feel rage—
that this should happen!
to this beloved person!

Other times we feel angry
at the very person who is sick.
Why didn’t they take better care?!

Sometimes we feel terrified,
other times we feel numb,
and sometimes we worry
that everything we feel is wrong.

Help us know that it is all right
to feel whatever we feel.

ALL the feelings are allowed—
grief, rage, fear, joy, contentment, numbness—
ALL the feelings are allowed.

Help us express our feelings,
whatever they are,
and release them unto You.

Help us know
that Your love is deep enough
and wide enough
to hold them all,
as the ocean can hold
all rivers.

When we are emptied out,
fill us with your loving Presence,
so we ourselves can be present
to those who need us.

In Your many names, we pray.

Amen.  Blessed be.